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MetroPivot WebPart for SharePoint 2010
This web part will take all the web parts in a zone and turn them into a Windows phone-style pivot control.

Familiar with the Easy Tabs Web Part? The concept of this web part is very similar: a 'tab' sheet is created that only displays one web part at a time, saving page space and simplifying the UI for users. As an added benefit, the MetroPivot web part has a modern UI style, smooth animation, and even works within SharePoint dialogs.


Click to view a video demo of the Metro Pivot Web Part



  • Space savings
    Fit more content onto a page, since the web parts are not displayed simultaneously.
  • Retains state
    Returning to a page will show the last pivot 'tab' that was visible
  • Works in SharePoint Dialogs
    The MetroPivot web part will not only work in a SharePoint dialog window, it will also resize and center the dialog based on the current content. 
  • Simple
    just add the web part to a zone and save the page.


Installation (farm admin access)

  1. Add the MetroPivotWebPart.wsp to your SharePoint farm using STSADM or Powershell.
  2. Deploy the solution to the desired Web Application(s).
  3. Activate the site collection scope feature named 'Metro Pivot WebPart'.
  4. Add the Metro Pivot Web Part to web part pages containing other web parts to turn the page into a pivot control. 


Installation (end user without ability to add farm solutions)

  See the instructions here


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